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Snapshot: Golden Organic Farm

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Located within Edgecombe County in Pinetops, North Carolina, Golden Organic Farm provides sustainable and locally grown food to the community. Owner and CEO Kendrick Ransome is a fourth generation Black farmer who provides produce such as watermelon, lettuce, sweet potato, squash, peppers and more across Edgecombe County and beyond. Ransome was named Minority Farmer of the Year within North Carolina in 2020, and is continually growing his business.

According to the farm’s social media posts, “Golden Organic Farm will be an incubator for #blackAG in our community”. Ransome lives up to this promise as the COO of the Freedom Organization, a nonprofit that is dedicated to partnering with underserved communities. Golden Organic Farm and the Freedom Organization work closely to allow Black farmers to thrive in today’s political climate, as well as ensure impoverished communities have access to fresh food.

Ransome utilized his farm’s reach within the community to provide educational opportunities throughout COVID-19. In May, the farm announced their partnership on social media with the Down East Partnership for Children. The farm provided weekly food tasting boxes to six childcare centers throughout the county; the teachers utilized the boxes to teach their students about food and recipes. Pre COVID, Ransome was regularly seen on stage as a panelist for various conferences and talks, educating the community on Black farming’s history and relevance today.

In addition to incredible community service and outreach, Golden Organic Farm offers Community Supported Agriculture (SCA) membership packages. These include a $300 11 week subscription in which a box of fresh produce is available for pickup in either Pinetops, Rocky Mount or Raleigh. This service works out to be about $27 per week for a large box of food such as cabbage, broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, green beans, beets, lettuce or kale.

Golden Organic Farm’s website also offers pins, logo t shirts and aloe vera plants for sale.

Learn more about Golden Organic Farm on their Facebook page, Instagram and website.


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