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The Rocky Mount Mills

In desperate need of quality restaurants, apartment buildings, hotels, historic monuments and restoration? Look no further than the Rocky Mount Mills, located in Eastern North Carolina in the town of Rocky Mount.

Rocky Mount is located along the Tar River, and was primarily a tobacco town. The town thrived in railway transportation, textiles and agriculture, and is now making a name for itself culturally. The principal city in the metropolitan area with a population of 54,000, Rocky Mount has been busy pleasing the younger generations with coffee shops, restaurants, live music events and concerts, and sold out football games. The Mills play a massive role in this revitalization, beginning with its historic roots.

The Mills is a tax credit project that was built in the 1800s and is being refurbished for the 21st century. Local Government Coordinator Kristley Bratley raves about the Mills, saying that Rocky Mount is on a cultural upswing, with the Mills playing a large part. Spanning 82 acres, the Mills boast the “only beer incubator in the region”, according to their website. This includes Mythic Brewing, Hopfly Brewing Company, Koi Pond Brewing Company, Rocky Mount Brewery and TBC West. For those less inclined, or under age 21, the Mills provide coffee shops, such as Books and Beans, a perfect combination of coffee, deli sandwiches and books. If you’re looking for a hearty meal, local favorites include the Tipsy Tomato and Tap @ 1918, while The Prime Smokehouse will be moving in shortly. In addition to incredible food, drink and recreational options, the Mills is a thriving business workspace, creating a wonderful work life balance.

As if it couldn’t get any better, the Mills also boasts River and Twine, a tiny house hotel. With 20 tiny home options placed along the Tar River and walking distance from all Mills activities, River and Twine is truly the best of both worlds. Each tiny home is personalized with items such as record players, books and board games, and guests are sure to adore the quirky traits of each one.

Despite this bustle of activity, the Mills did have to slow down due to COVID-19, reports Bratley. The summer music events that typically liven up the Mills were cancelled, and restaurants had to be safe yet crafty in order to stay open. Even with this setback the community of the Mills is strong, and businesses and residents alike are banding together to keep the hope and fun of the Mills alive.

Check out the Rocky Mount Mills amenities here, and the River and Twine tiny house hotel here.


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