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Chatting with the Chef

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Route 64 diner, situated on the scenic Highway 64 route through Lexington, North Carolina is the new home of New York natives Tara and Jon Snow. Infusing their New Yorker Italian style with a new North Carolinian southern style, this restaurant whips up a multitude of flavors, specials, and meals. Want to try homemade pasta? Go here. Want to see how spicy North Carolina wings can get? Go here. The laid-back atmosphere plus familial drapings make this place feel like a part of your kitchen. In keeping the style of the restaurant, locally proud with dashes of rustic charm, from the previous owners, the new owners hope to draw back the regular customers while also bringing in new patrons that travel on Highway 64.

When talking with Tara during my time here, she explained her decision to make the jump down south due to the inflation of New York housing which caused housing instability and the reduced tax rate of North Carolina restaurant sectors (a mere 7% decrease than New York), not to mention she also has family located near the restaurant! Coming to a community-based restaurant has been quite different from the always-busy New York, thus she prides herself when customers are loyal to her cooking. Though patrons range widely, she notes a big draw is from the veterans' community particularly. As a thank you for their services, the restaurant presents a ten percent off for law enforcers, first responders, veterans, and active military members.

Not only does she try to appreciate the protectors of the community but also the farmers that create the produce and meat used in her cooking. That is why she works with Schueler’s Meat, a locally owned meat shop, to provide fresh food for patrons. Additionally, she is supporting local farmers and businesses rather than big corporations. It's a place where you can feel full from a meal and happy about your spending habits.

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