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The Coastal Plain Region

Rocky Mount

With a population of 54,013 residents, Rocky Mount is the twentieth-largest city in North Carolina. Although the two counties it is located in were founded in the mid-1700s, Rocky Mount was not founded until 1907. Because Rocky Mount is located in both Nash County and Edgecombe County, the city’s motto is “The Center of it All.” This city also shows a love for the Arts and Sciences through its attractions, which include its Children's Museum and Science Center, Cummins Planetarium, and a Theatre for Performing Arts.



Robersonville, North Carolina is a town in Martin County and has been around since 1872. It has a population of close to 1,223 people. It is a historic town as many of the houses that are there are over one hundred years old. The town motto is “A Town that Cares.” Visitors with young children or who enjoy the outdoors will appreciate this town, in large part because of the many parks and playgrounds that have been implemented to work with various youth programs around Robersonville.

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Established in 1779, Williamston was the first town incorporated in its county. Today, somewhere around 5,095 people live there. The town motto is “Easy Living with Hometown Values.” Visitors here should be sure to check out an equestrian event located at the Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center. Because it is located right beside the Roanoke River, there is also the option for someone to kayak, fish, and even camp in the wilderness around it.

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When Jamesville was established in 1785, it was primarily focused on the agricultural and fishing industries. In fact, the history of both these industries and unique events such as the annual North Carolina Herring Festival continue to play an important role in the lives of the residents of modern Jamesville. With a population of only 411 people, Jamesville is constantly looking to attract more people to it, and fortunately, these previously mentioned events just might do the job.



Founded in 1787, it is believed that Plymouth, North Carolina got its name because it was a popular port for sailors to stop in before completing their journeys to Plymouth, Massachusetts. It has a population of 3,249 people and the motto of Washington County, where it is located, is “Where Traffic Ends and Adventure Begins.” This tagline fits, especially because this town has an extreme love for bears. For example, they hold a summer Bear Festival and even have a museum that specifically discusses bears.



Found in Tyrrell County, Columbia is a town that was founded in 1793 and now has a population of about 604 individuals. The County motto is “Nature’s Buffer Zone” which makes sense because of this town’s interest in the outdoors. Tourists can explore the Scuppernong River or can visit the Red Wolf Center. The town even holds annual events like the Scuppernong River Festival or River Town Christmas Festival which they strongly encourage visitors to attend.



Created in 1899, Manteo is famous for a number of reasons, but especially because of the Lost Colony. The Lost Colony is a popular tourist attraction, along with the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island or the Elizabethian Gardens. The population in this town is about 1,607 people. Manteo’s motto is “Preserve, Prosper.” There are also some popular tour guide-led attractions here, such as the Manteo Historic Walking Tour and even multiple “Ghost Tours”.


Nags Head

Nags Head was established in the 1830s as North Carolina’s first tourist colony. It now has a population of about 3,163 people in it. It is located in Dare County, and Dare County’s motto is, “A Nurturing Place Where We All Can Live and Grow.” Many people enjoy fishing at Nags Head Fishing Pier, some enjoy taking dolphin tours, and some find it best to relax in the sand at Jockey’s Ridge State Park.

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