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Apex Snapshot

Emily Murrill (2022) 

Apex, North Carolina is located in Wake County with a population of over 58,000 residents—the 18th largest municipality in the state. It was officially incorporated in 1873. The town motto is “The Peak of Good Living,” and it is part of Friendship, which is an unincorporated community within the county. Highway 64 passes directly through the northern center of the town. 


Because of Apex’s proximity to the state capital and a major railroad, it became a trading center for products such as tobacco and lumber. The town is still a center for trade today, and it also boasts many options for shopping and dining. 


With the downtown area Apex being declared as a historic district, it is a great place for walking around and sightseeing. Apex is also known for its proximity to Jordan Lake; the Jordan Lake State Recreation area is over 13,000 acres. So, between a bustling economy, historical buildings, natural beauty, and its reputation for being “The Peak of Good Living,” Apex is an ideal place to visit along Highway 64.


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