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Food Reviews

Chicken Breakfast Plate

By: Brandon Talton

My expectations for the Route 64 Diner chicken breakfast plate were tame. A chicken biscuit with eggs, tots, and maybe some gravy on the side sounded like a moderately heavy meal, but one that I could finish in one sitting and be filled with for a few hours. This, however, was not the case for good reason.


The behemoth of a plate, much to my surprise, was chock-full with a breakfast bounty. A bundle of chicken tenders, multiple scrambled eggs, a side of tater tots so large that it could have been a filling single side to a standard entree, and biscuits with gravy smothered on top (note the plural for biscuit). This meal was heavy in protein, and heavy overall. But it worked. The firm and well-breaded chicken tenders were a great start that segued into a softer grouping of tater tots. The softness continued into the eggs, which made way for the biscuits slathered in gravy.


I tried to eat my plate in one sitting, and I learned two things from it. First, the idea of eating this all at once is just an idea. Good luck finding anyone that can clean this plate in a matter of minutes, I really mean my wishes. Secondly, this meal is better to split in two. Leaving some of the chicken tenders and biscuits with gravy for a to-go box is the ideal way of enjoying your platter. The Route 64 Diner packs enough punch with their chicken breakfast plate for two trips.


Without hesitation would I say that it’s smart to order this meal from The Route 64 Diner. Enjoy the eggs and tots with a little of the tenders and biscuits with gravy for breakfast, and return to the rest of the chicken and biscuit later that day to feel filled for the entire day.

Spaghetti with Marinara and Salad

By: Caroline Kilborn

Even before stepping foot into the Highway 64 Diner, I was hesitant about my choice of food. We were only given a picture of the menu, which was taken off of the internet, in class and were told to choose what we wanted. This was just for the cooks so that they could start making the food ahead of our arrival. 


At first glance, all I noticed on the menu was meat. Unfortunately for me, I try to stray away from most meat (not including fish) so I was immediately concerned about which meals would be within my food restrictions. So ultimately, I went with the Spaghetti with Marinara and Salad. Out of every item on the menu, this was the odd one out. 


However, my expectations were heightened when we found diner had switched ownership to a couple that had a lot of Italian influence in their food. This automatically got me extremely eager and thoroughly ready to immediately inhale my meal. 


I was first given a side salad that had cucumbers, carrot shavings, croutons, and homemade ranch dressing. That was a beautiful way to start the meal. The homemade ranch as well as the croutons were so flavorful.


 When the meal debuted, it was stunning. It was plated into a rustic wooden bowl with a colossal dump of marinara on top completely hiding the actual spaghetti noodles. What could be better? Sadly, my first initial bite did not reach the expectations I had in my head. 


While this is a personal preference, I do not particularly love when the marinara sauce is sweet. And both the actual noodles and the sauce were sweet. I also do not know if this characteristic is traditional to Italian food, but it was a little bizarre. This aspect was truly a surprise because the initial smell was emitting a lot of garlic. It was definitely just a confusing meal, to say the least. After all of the confusion there was one, or should I say two, breathtaking aspects of this meal. There were two surprise pieces of garlic bread on the side. What could be more fabulous? Because they were marvelous little morsels. 


The Highway 64 Diner is genuinely the most quaint restaurant I have ever been to and the overall feel of the diner is very homey. It is very clear to see that the diner is loved by most people who enter through the doors, especially by those who have been dining there for 10+ years. 

Chicken Tenders with Fries and Mac and Cheese

By: Emily Murrill

Highway 64 was the epitome of the classic diner. The menu encompassed all of the classic diner meals that are desired by the local customers. However, the newest ownership has added a little twist to the menu as well as most of the actual meals: Italian. 


However, I opted for a classic dinner meal. Chicken Tenders, Fries, and Mac and Cheese. 


While it is considered a typical meal, a basic can be an excellent way to gauge the skills of an establishment 


The Highway 64 Diner satisfied the expectation that I had going in initially, it was exactly what I was craving on that day. When the plate first came out, the initial appearance was just an enormous amount of chicken. There were four chicken tenders on the plate, which is a lot for one serving. 


The Fries came out on the side, along with the Mac and Cheese. While these sides were good, they were nothing out of the ordinary. The portions were rather large so it was difficult to finish everything. But for the category of food available, what I ordered was comforting and delicious. 

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