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Hayesville Overview

Nestled in the gorgeous mountain of North Carolina, lies Hayesville- a small town of just over 400 people. Originally, this was a town belonging to the people of the Cherokee nation called Quanassee, however, due to European colonization, it became a part of modern-day Clay County and in 1913 the town itself became known as Hayesville. Despite the small size, visitors of Hayesville have plenty to do. The town is home to multiple local artisans who sell their goods that are truly unique to western North Carolina. The collections of jewelry, art, and pottery tie in the culture of the North Carolina mountains while also providing a distinct sense of identity to those who call Hayesville home. Additionally, Hayesville is somewhat of a hub for local artists. With events such as open mic night, theatrical performances, and concerts, Hayesville is no stranger to showcasing and highlighting the importance of Southern art. Hayesville is also committed to preserving its land and history with projects such as The Old Jail Museum, The Botanical Gardens, and The Cherokee Homestead Exhibit. Through these projects, the Clay County Historical and Arts Council hopes to not only preserve the historical significance of the town but to educate people on the history of the land pre-colonization. If you are interested in learning more about their work in preservation, as well as upcoming events you can visit to find out more. After exploring the town of Hayesville, one can go to the gorgeous parks and trails surrounding the town. Parks such as the Chatuge Dam allow visitors to see the North Carolina mountain range from up high and take in the scenery, while other paths provide a more adventure-based experience.

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