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Daniel Boone Festival

Updated: Apr 19

Daniel Boone was an American pioneer and frontiersman who lived in Davie County which includes the town of Mocksville. Boone was the most influential explorer because his efforts led to opening the land across the Appalachians to settlement and spurred the wide development of that region. Every year on the first Saturday in May, the town of Mocksville hosts the Daniel Boone Family Festival. The festival features local artisans, historical tours throughout the county, food, contests, live music, and activities for children. Two of the three tours offered during the festival revolve around landmarks associated with the Boone family. These tours include stops at Joppa Cemetery, where Boone's parents and brother are buried; the Boone Tract at Bear Creek, the Daniel Boone Marker in Farmington, and nearby Pudding Ridge where General Cornwallis crossed Dutchman Creek in pursuit of Nathanael Greene. Each aspect of the festival offers an engaging, educational, and fun-filled experience for all patrons who want to immerse themselves in the culture and history of the historic town of Mocksville, North Carolina.

--Sarah Sandak


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