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Smoke On BBQ Food Review

Updated: Apr 19

Confined to a small blue outpost, The Smoke On BBQ team works magic into their


After talking to multiple locals at other restaurants I was pointed towards Smoke

On, a small drive-through-only, barbecue spot that serves brisket, ribs, burnt ends

and so much more.

I decided the best order for me would be the burnt ends and ribs. Surprisingly I

was served almost instantly with a bright smile from the cashier. Instead of

parking in the lot, I drove across town to the beautiful music center and enjoyed

my meal facing the pond. The ribs were evenly slathered with their homemade

barbecue sauce, as I took my first bite the meat rolled off the bone. I was greeted

with a burst of smokey vinegar flavors. Once my ribs were nothing but bone I moved

on to the burnt ends, one of my favorite Southern dishes.

Large chunks of what looked like brisket were delicately spread across my fries. In my opinion, they were not your ordinary burnt ends, they didn't have that shiny smoker finish that you often find. However, I am not one to dislike meat so I dug in. The cashier was correct they were the “perfect amount of fat”. Although there was no “melt in your mouth” experience it was still very delicious. I would heavily recommend the exact same order and make sure you save room for the side of perfectly seasoned crispy fries.

--Will Thalhimer


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