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A More Modern Approach to Sonker: Anchored Sweet Treats and Savory Eats

Updated: Apr 19

The first stop on our three-shop itinerary was a shop by the name of “Anchored Treats and Savory Eats” located on 139 Moore Avenue, right in the downtown strip of Mount Airy. Upon our arrival at Anchored Treats, we were surprised by how modern the interior of the shop was. Lined with blue and green-themed walls and decor, the room was by far the most aesthetically pleasing of the three shops visited. Resembling a typical urban coffee shop, the room was surrounded by pictures of anchors-- how fitting. Additionally, the exterior decorations made it clear just how important sweets and “sonker” really are for the productivity of the town. Upon walking up to the store, there was an easel reading “Make today an Extra Sweet Day!!!”. Likewise, on the shop’s glass, there was a picture of a Sonker and a cupcake, directly implying what the shop was “so well-known for”.

With that said, upon entering the shop, we were met with some disappointment. Due to the town’s annual Autumn Leaves festival occuring the next day, there were no Sonkers being sold that day, as the town was in preparation for one of its biggest events of the year and they had to save the pies for that. While this news was rather discouraging, we made the most of being there, and I ordered myself a chocolate chip cookie. While the cookie was nothing in comparison to my beloved Insomnia Cookies back in Washington, DC, I reassured myself that this was just because the store was known for its Sonker, not its cookies.

Despite our discouragement with our inability to try one of their famous Sonkers, we decided to use this opportunity as a chance to learn more about the town, this particular shop, and Sonker in general. We sparked up a conversation with the shop owner, Samantha Coleman, and we were soon informed that the store has been family-owned since its opening just a few years back. Samantha described to us how her grandmother and mother all grew up locally and how she grew up in a family of bakers. Additionally, Sonker was explained to us as resembling a “cobbler”; however, it was described as being much more liquidy and juicier than a typical pie or cobbler that most are used to. In addition, we were told that Sonker can be made in a variety of different ways and flavors. However, the most popular flavors that Anchored Treats served were sweet potato, cherry, and apple Sonker. With that said, the flavors also vary depending on the season, so these were the most popular types for Fall. Overall, while we didn’t get to try a Sonker while at this store, the conversation was a great introduction to our arrival in Mount Airy and it made us even more excited to continue our exploration to find the perfect North Carolina Sonker.

--Lauren Jablon



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