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That "Hometown" Feeling - Restaurants Review of Mount Airy, North Carolina

Updated: Apr 19

While it is mainly known for being the birthplace of the Andy Griffith show, Mount Airy, North Carolina has a lot to offer in terms of a hometown feel. The quaint atmosphere driving along town roads filled with family-run businesses evokes a feeling of community for residents. Its beautiful fall foliage along Highway 64 is the perfect introduction to a town full of love and tradition. At the core of this feeling that runs through the veins of the town are the family diners and small restaurants that keep it running.

One of the first restaurants to be reviewed from this town is the Olympia Family Restaurant. Located on Linville Road, the diner sort of resembles a motel on the outside. While this may sound unappealing, it provides a classic tight-knit feeling inside the front doors.

The wooden walls full of picture frames of culinary honors signify the great pride that the family takes in running their business. The seating throughout the restaurant is blue booths, providing a comfortable feeling for customers and ensuring suitable seating for families.

Pretty much all of the reviews of Olympia are positive, with most acknowledging their appreciation for a small-town, southern family feel. A few reviews emphasize how the quality of their service remained top-notch, even after the pandemic. Some customer favorites

include the mac and cheese and the tuna melt sandwich.

The second eatery up for review is Barney’s Cafe on North Main Street. While it looks pretty small on the inside, the reviews still applaud employees for their attentive service (as it is usually crowded because of its location on Main Street). They offer the most classic American food you can imagine like burgers, chicken tenders, fries, sandwiches etc. They also have a full breakfast menu, in addition to shakes for dessert (a Mayberry shake, about the town in the Andy Griffith Show!). The cherry on top of the entire atmosphere they’ve created is the poster of Andy Griffith against the window of their cafe. It serves as the perfect contribution to Mount Airy’s culture and also reminds tourists what they’re known for.

The last restaurant up for review in Mount Airy is 13 Bones located right on Andy Griffith Parkway. Out of all the restaurants reviewed so far, this one has the most up-to-date, professional look associated with it (specifically with their website). It has an up-to-date menu

and all of its social media accounts are posted towards the top. A lot of the reviews commend their reasonably priced food, which is hard to find nowadays. However, their steaks receive the most compliments on TripAdvisor, which some described as “Lip-smacking good!!” and “Spot on!!” While all the restaurants, diners, and cafes in the area have their unique qualities, it all boils down to the message they promote: inclusivity and family. The relaxed pace and family-oriented atmosphere is the perfect breeding ground for good business. If you take a trip to any of these places, make sure to grab a Mayberry shake on your way out!

--Olivia Grady


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