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Lexington's Sweet Spot

Located just across North Main Street from Conrad and Hinkle, the Lexington Candy Factory is a true time capsule. Its front doors open to a world of nostalgia, with iconic candy wrappers and boxes adorning the upper walls, which are also home to a collection of antiques and, of course, candy. 

As you step into the store, the air is filled with the irresistible aroma of chocolate and popcorn. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the colorful baskets of gummy candy and local trinkets. Moving further, you discover a delightful array of gluten-free and vegan homemade chocolates, as well as individual packages of candies. The journey continues with the sight of an impressive popcorn machine and a maze of candies, from Bit-O-Honey to peppermints. In its unique oval shape, the store's path is a candy lover's paradise.

The heart of the store is a treasure box of confectionery delights. Here, you'll find an abundance of candies, from homemade chocolate turtles to fudge and caramel, each a sweet testament to the Candy Factory's craftsmanship. While there are classic aspects of this store, there are some modernizations. Candies that are popular today, as well as trinkets and toys for the modern-day toddler, can be purchased. 

The Candy Factory is the epitome of a “classic candy shop”. If stopping at Conrad and Hinkle is on your list for Lexington, North Carolina, then The Candy Factory should be, too. 

--Caroline Kilborn


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