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Long Lasting Convenience

Tucked away on Main Street, Lexington, North Carolina, is Conrad and Hinkle, a historic mom-and-pop grocery store that has been a cornerstone of the community since 1919. It's not just a store but a gathering place where locals come to catch up, share stories, and support each other. Suppose you envision the classic “old-timey” store with a steady supply of local touch of modern technology. In that case, produce and a t you are picturing Conrad and Hinkle, a place that has not only stood the test of time but also holds a special place in the hearts of the community. 


The heart of Conrad and Hinkle is a treasure trove of delights, with four aisles stocked with everything from Ritz Crackers to local jam. But it's the unique aspects that truly make this store a standout. As you step inside, a freezer to your right tempts you with its assortment of homemade pies in various sizes, complete with homemade whipped cream and pie crust. While every part of this store is special, two features stand out: The self-checkout counter, a relic of the past, and the pimento cheese, a local delicacy that is sure to pique your interest.

The self-checkout counter is located at the back of the store. Although it is no longer in use, the owners have chosen to preserve it as a testament to the store's evolution. The counter, with its old cash registers and check-out logs, is a window into the store's early days. The entire back area is adorned with a flow of memorabilia chronicling the store's journey from its first opening to the present day. It's a living history that Conrad and Hinkle are proud to share with its visitors.

The Pimento cheese is the bell of the ball. Since its opening, the store has been making its own pimento cheese. While it used to be made in-store, it is still sold there. The recipe has not changed, nor has the methods of creation. This iconic dish is not just an integral part of the greater Lexington community, but according to Food&Wine, it has also attracted food enthusiasts from across the country and even across the Atlantic, eager to taste its unique flavor.

Lexington, North Carolina, is already a beautiful town that can make for a lovely visit, but the local history, especially at Conrad and Hinkle, can not be beaten. 

-- Caroline Kilborn

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