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Mayberry or Mount Airy?

Updated: Apr 19

To this day, the town of Mount Airy is still known by many as “Mayberry”. Based off the popular 1960s television show “The Andy Griffith Show”, the fictional town of “Mayberry” got its inspiration from the town of Mount Airy a little over 60 years ago. The CBS sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show, revolves around Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) and his life at a fictional town called Mayberry located in North Carolina. Not only is Griffith a widowed Sheriff in Mayberry, but he is also a newspaper editor.

Walking the streets of Mount Airy, it is clear just how influential this show was for the town. Anywhere you go, there are glimpses of the past and hints at Mayberry. Whether it is the huge Andy Griffith mural in the center of town, the colorful tie dye hoodies sold in shops with Mayberry embroidered into the chest, or the Mayberry magnets and goodies lining the souvenir shops, there is no forgetting just how crucial this show was for the town’s progress and name.

--Lauren Jablon



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