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Miss Angel's Heavenly Apple Crumb Pie

Updated: Apr 19

Once I tried the pie in this picture here when I realized that Miss Angel’s pies did, in fact, live up to their name. There is no better way to describe them than using the term “heavenly”. Once we entered Miss Angel’s shop, the smell of the crust, crumble, and fresh fruit all throughout filled my nose before I even set my eyes on any pie. My mouth began to water as I walked closer and closer to the register to order, and just to the left of Miss Angel, sat the pie that we would soon try.

There were over 50 flavors of pies; however, we found ourselves debating between two kinds when it really came down to it. We had the option to choose between the regular apple pie and the French apple crumb pie. We decided to go with the French apple crumb. Based on the fact that we left no crumbs, it is clear that we made the right decision. My first bite was a scoop in the middle. It was the perfect amount of crumb and french apple. The warm and soft fruit under the crumbs meshed together in my mouth perfectly, and left me with no other thought than to get another bite. I did just that, but this time I decided to go for the crust. Just as I thought, the crust was just as good; it was the perfect density and contained the perfect balance of flakiness and hardness. As we ate outside of the shop, people walking by were even commenting on how good the pie looked and smelled. I thought it was delicious, and when I saw Lauren start to slow down on her bites, she noticed that I didn't and assured me that I could go ahead and finish it. She didn’t have to tell me twice; I pulled the pie in closer and wished there was a Miss Angels Heavenly Pies closer as I took each bite. This pie was exceptional, and just as Miss Angel claims, “heavenly”.

--Bria Harmon



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