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The Key to My Heart: Prudence McCabe Confections

Updated: Apr 19

I, myself, tried the cherry Sonker; however, my partner and classmate Bria consumed the apple Sonker. I tried the cherry pie and although I’m not a huge cherry lover, my classmate Bria found the apple pie extraordinary. Moreover, Sue described her pies to us as being unique from some of the other locations’ because hers were actually baked once through and then taken out of the oven, grated in cold butter and coated in sugar, and then broiled on high heat for a short period of time to top them off. This extra baking process gives the pies a slightly browner look to them, making them unique from other Sonkers. Not only were the pies incredibly fresh and mouthwatering, but they were Sue’s treat to us-- how generous is she?! With that said, prior to many long thanks and expressions of our gratitude, Sue topped our visit off by offering my partner Bria and I a local magazine to take with us on our way out. The magazine had an entire editorial dedicated to Prudence’s shop, praising her shop’s authenticity and the excellent Sonker it has produced for years now. 


However, to me, the pie wasn’t what made this place so excellent; it was the hospitality, the service, and the overall atmosphere that drew us in and made us feel so at home. Not only did Sue make an effort to get to know us and the reasons why two NorthEastern Elon students would come to her shop on a random Friday afternoon, but she took the time out of her production time to spend a few minutes talking to us about her shop and the traditions that framed her business. She described the shop as “family-owned” and herself as “having not been able to do any of what [she] did without her grandmother, Prudence.” She described how her family grew up in a household where their grandmother Prudence was always around, cooking her pies. This soon became a tradition when she grew up, and the recipe was passed down the generations after her grandmother passed. After talking up a storm about the owner’s childhood and upbringing, she began talking about her own family and children. Panning the room, my eye immediately noticed a photo of a soldier on the kitchen wall. Curious who this photo was, I inquired. To my surprise, it was one of her sons who had actually served in the armed forces. She began going on tangents discussing how important familial ties were to her, and it was comforting to know just how much family meant to her. While her shop is only 6 years old, it was clear just how important the tradition of making Sonker was in her family. 


Upon our departure, we found ourselves not only full from the Sonker, but warm from the amazing conversations we just had. I would recommend Prudence McCabe’s Confections to anyone driving through the area. You will definitely not regret it, and Sue will make sure to talk your ear off (in the best way, of course).

--Lauren Jablon



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