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A Glance at Franklin, NC

Mollie Lund 

Nestled deep in the Smoky Mountains in southwest North Carolina sits Franklin, a picturesque town that is known for its breathtaking views and lively small-town atmosphere. Due to steady population growth, Franklin is a flourishing cultural hub in a region that is relatively remote. The town is seeped in Appalachian culture, with regular blue grass concerts being performed at the town gazebo from May to March. Franklin also hosts various festivals throughout the year, including a particularly lively 4th of July parade. 


Franklin is surrounded by the oldest mountains on earth, so it will come as no surprise that the region has a rich history. Prior to the arrival of European settlers, Franklin was an important Cherokee town and trading post. Many vestiges of the Cherokee culture and spirit remain scattered throughout the town like long-forgotten clues, so be sure to keep an eye out!


Overall Franklin offers beautiful mountain views, low-risk family fun, and a lovely change of pace, making it the perfect weekend getaway for anyone who is hoping to reconnect with the simple pleasures.

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